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The following was originally published September 24, 2008 at http://decodingcreativity.wordpress.com/2008/09/24/hello/

I have started a blog at wordpress.com for the class in addition to the WIKI space. I felt a place was needed where we can post fresh thoughts as they come, and where everyone can go to check new updates. Also this way you will learn how to use these different forms of web communication and publishing according to your needs.

In order to add youself as an author, you need to be registered as a wordpress.com user. In my opinion, this is the best blogging software although it’s a little more complicated than most others. WordPress does not have the invitation system like WIKI, so you must go to wordpress.com and register yourself. You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to post in the blog and want to only stick to the WIKI. That’s O.K. But do let me know if you register, so I can add you to the list of authors.

You can also participate in the blog by leaving comments. The comment feature can act like a forum.

Example of use for blog is like this:
Today is weekly update of The Wild Side, a NY Times blog by Olivia Judson (I briefly mentioned her in my last class). She is an evolutionary biologist and writes about this increasingly popular and mainstream topic.
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Diana, I envy your talent! Cooking and eating is such an imperitive part of living and being creative, and it has a positive outcome for all involved. ...Unfortunately, my talents are not in the kitchen unless I am art crafting or herb crafting. I 'm not fond of cooking; but in spite of that, our family has, in the last couple of years, also begun a more healthy regime; but I will admit there is room for further improvement. I do battle weight and constantly yo-yo. I think for me, food turns into a vice for emotional comfort. ...In spite of my dislike for cooking, I do get creative in the kitchen once in awhile. It usually turns out mediocre at best and the running joke in my family is the comment my son once made: "Mom, this is actually edible." ...I have been studying herbal remedies since 1997 and aprenticed with a few different local women and I do enjoy making many of my own tinctures and teas and such (soap and candles once in awhile), and what I don't have resourcees to make, I buy (such as fish oils and red-yeast rice capsules). I share your passion and concern for sustainable living and have been on a "green burial awareness mission." Check out my website: http://www.windsofchangeministries.org . My advice is don't underestimate your interests and talents. (Martha Stewart has made a quite gainful career out of it.)