Keiko, et all,
It seems like time is moving us quickly through the process of this class; and there is so much good stuff it's hard to be able to process it all. The creativity and inspiration keeps branching out and exploding! ...Maybe that's what Winter is for; to go inward and let it all catch up with us. Some believe (me) that the cold and flu season is nature's way of making us slow down' because we need it for our "whole" being. I wish we had more time to discuss the wonderful articles Keiko shared with us in the very beginning. Looking forward to more. ...
Blessings and Joy,

Please introduce yourselves here. There are some overlaps with the Response to Session 1 contents.

Here is one from Linda.

09/18/08 Study Group Comments – Creativity in My Own Life

I cultivate creativity by imagining a situation analogous to my own but set in another time and place, maybe even a galaxy far, far away. More likely the place is Earth, the time could be pre-history, biblical, or middle ages. (The medieval period holds a special fascination for me.) I’m not sure exactly why removing a situation from the culture that spawned it provides greater clarity to the issues and options surrounding it, but it has worked for me for the better part of my life. Speaking for myself, thinking outside the box requires stepping outside the box.
Fiction, in all of its forms (short stories, plays, novels, film), has always been a source of inspiration for me. The lives of fictional characters in any medium carry more weight with me than real life people. Children’s literature is especially inspirational, probably because the reality found therein knows bounds not found in the real world. There, animals speak, spiders write, and mythical creatures are imbued with mystical powers. Time spent with the people and creatures that inhabit children’s literature is time spent in a world where anything is possible. Where anything is possible, options are unlimited and possibilities are endless. By visiting those worlds, I find new ways to view and run my own.

Linda Drollinger
Decoding Creativity
September 18, 2008

Hi my name is Diana.
I am a nurse by profession, but I am working on my bachelor degree. I am hoping to get my degree in a combination of politics and women's studies. I needed this creativity class to fulfill an Art requirement. My interests, as you've all probably gathered by now, are in politics, feminism and food. I didn't really know what this class would be about, but I find I am having so much fun. I told Keiko that I love political blogs, and never thought I would become a blogger myself. Now I have my own and I am enjoying doing some writing. It's much more fun than I thought it would be. I really should have known; I always seem to have so much to say. If you ask my family, you can never shut me up! lol My new blog is at http://moonhearth.wordpress.com/ I am looking forward to the next class. See you then.
Decoding Creativity

Melissa Van Vliet
Decoding Creativity
Septermber 18, 2008

First of all, please call me Missy. I am currently working on an associates degree (although, I am not quite sure what I want to be when I grow up). My son, who is my whole life, inspires me. He set a plan for what he wanted to achieve in his life and step by step he is accomplishing it all. Going to college has always been a dream of mine and, although it took me over 30+ years to get here, I am totally enjoying the experience. I have always been a creative person in many ways and this class, "Decoding Creativity," seemed like something I just had to know more about. I enjoyed the first session and I am looking forward to hearing the upcoming lectures. I intend to draw as much information as I can from this class in order to enhance my own creativity. My mind is already racing with ideas for my final project and I am looking forward to seeing, hearing or experiencing everyone else's. See you all in class.

Missy (posted 9/30/08)