From Sarah and Diana

A very interesting exchange here. Be sure to check out the email note from Diana at the end. -Keiko
First with Diana's List.


This skills list has been organized based on the following criteria. One of them is the time it may take to complete each skill. Another is the amount of specialized knowledge may go into the skill. Last is the amount of enjoyment I have in the skill and how much fun I think it is to perform.

Some of my skills are highly specialized, and outside of certain environments, may seem trivial or unimportant. I am sure I have left off a lot of skills because I think of them as so common, that they don’t really seem like a skill.

  • Nursing care
  • Certified CPR and First Instruction
  • Medical advocate, both in hospital and in a Dr’s office
  • Code design
  • Database design and query management
  • Making a crocheted blanket
  • Budgeting
  • Tutoring in math and science, especially in human bio, anatomy and physiology, and microbiology
  • Tutoring in beginner’s computers
  • Make home made apple sauce
  • Make home made cranberry sauce
  • Cook, generally Italian foods, some vegetarian foods.
  • Great typist.

I thought about this one, and generally, I like to learn things and do them myself. I could really use help in my house because I don’t have the time to dedicate to things like organizing, decorating and housecleaning.

  • House cleaning
  • lessons in canning and preserving foods
  • Lessons in soap making
  • Sewing lessons
  • Bread making lessons
  • Lessons on foraging
  • Decorating, someone to decorate my house for me. My walls are bare.

In general I am sorry I don’t have a better list. Mostly, my favorite hobby is reading, so I don’t really make a lot of things. Most of my knowledge and skills come from my professional life. I worked as a programmer/analyst at one time, and I have been a nurse for about 25+ years, so I have a lot of nursing skills.

One of the topics that I have the most interest in is safe food. I keep coming across news paper articles on things like melamine contamination in eggs from China and other contaminants. It appears my passion for the past 1-2 years has been relearning American dietary habits. That’s my explanation for why my list seems to revolve around food all the time. I am also a mother, although my children are grown, so I am always looking for ways to make our lives better.

Sarah’s skills and needs

My Skills:

In no particular order.

  • EMT-I
  • Fluent in Hebrew (I can read, write, translate, and teach)
  • Fluent in English (I can read, write, translate, and teach)
  • Can teach self defense and mixed Martial arts
  • Can teach swimming
  • Personal fitness training
  • Life style help
  • Wilderness survival
  • Can cook for a crowed, fast and cheaply
  • Can bake sour dough bread in a Dutch oven
  • (can bake in general, worked like a slave in a bakery, don’t love it)
  • I always have open ears and am willing to do what I can

  • Some one to help organize
  • Patience and sympathy
  • The ability not to sleep
  • Good vision
  • Ballroom and break dance lessons
  • A sponsor
  • A car with very good gas mileage

Diana's email to Sarah:
Hi Sarah;

First let me apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I’ve been busy for the last few days with my daughter’s recent birthday. Anyway, thank you for your last e-mail.

Your skills list tells me that you’re a very interesting person. Unfortunately, we don’t get much class time to really get to know each other, so this exercise gives us another way to tell about ourselves and find out about another person. From your list, I can tell that you would be the kind of person that I would like to get to know.

I can tell that both of us do not have a very long needs list, inferring that we are pretty self sufficient to a certain degree. I really have a time restriction, so I am not going to actually move forward with bartering our skills, but if I was to pretend, I would tell you that I am a very organized person. In both my nursing job and as a systems analyst, I have very well developed organization skills. I would offer to spend an afternoon helping you to get organized. Of course, it would depend on what type of organization you are in need of; it could be time management, or it could be just organizing closets. I would be willing to do both. In exchange, I would love to learn to make bread. It’s something I have never had the time to learn, but I feel it is an important skill.

Another thing I am very good at is listening and supporting. I have been told by some of my friends and co-workers that I am also pretty good at understanding a problem, and can usually visual possible solutions. I think again, my nursing and system’s analysis skills helped me to become a very skillful problem solver. If you needed an ear, especially help with trying to solve a problem, I would exchange this skill for a few lessons on the history of women in the Jewish religion. I have been interested in this subject since I read the ‘Red Tent’. If this was a subject you felt you had knowledge on, and wanted to exchange some time on it, I would be happy to be an ear or a shoulder, whichever you needed at the time. I also make a darn good cup of tea!

Well, anyway, this is all speculative, but it’s been interesting. I will hopefully see you tomorrow night. Talk to you soon.

Local Exchange of Time/Services

Tasha's Offers
  • Software Instruction; Filemaker, PhotoShop (beginning PS as it is a BIG program) QuickBooks
It’s been a while but I’m sure I could walk you threw Publisher a bit.
Additional programs; I’m a geek so just ask me I might know the program somewhat.
  • Page layout design; Format Newsletter, Email, etc.
  • Cook a Dinner Dish (healthy/vegetarian)
  • Logo or Letter Head (creation)
  • Business Card Layout
  • Garden advice
Tasha's NEEDS
  • Some free time (Childcare; hang out with my 11 yr old son so I can do homework)
  • Birthday cake for Dad (he likes pie better)
  • Rake up leaves

Linda’s Offers
Linda’s Needs
Tutor ages 8-adult in English grammar, composition, spelling, and literary analysis *
Instruction in fundamentals of software: Photoshop; Quickbooks; Microsoft Paint; Microsoft Publisher
Storytelling and reading for children *
Instruction in fundamentals of software: Quickbooks
Write short stories for children
ages 8-14
Instruction in fundamentals of software: Microsoft Paint
Make chicken, beef, or vegetarian “garbage” soup (contains everything but the kitchen sink)
Instruction in fundamentals of software: Microsoft Publisher
Make Ma’s Sicilian beef meatballs and tomato sauce

Collaboration: compose & compile recipes for “comfort foods” cookbook
Collaboration: design &, illustrate “comfort foods” cookbook
Dogwalking/pet sitting/doggie daycare
Clothing: a jumper versatile enough for the office or dress-casual

* indicates special competency

From Penny:
What I can offer:
House painting, wallpapering, stenciling & faux finishing
Software instruction (quickbooks, MS word, excel, publisher,)
Leaf raking – lets get together one place, then the other
Cook a dish, pie or cookies
Problem solving, opening new ways of looking at issues and how to address them or changing ways of thinking about them
Photography hikes, canoe trips, wilderness skills
Dress-up and play
Craft projects and games for groups
Home office management - administration & bookkeeping
What else? Ask me.
What I would like or need:
GED tutor for my son
Leaf raking
Architectural design – have a second floor but still don’t know where I’m putting the stairs!
Advice for photography show in January: Developing, framing, hanging, design and print selection.
What else? Ask me.