Final Project: Community Sustainability Proposal

Community Garden
Information Needed: Town Property map
Permission to use land
Guidelines for Community garden

Green Waste (community compost project)
Costs: Town Truck w/driver
Town Approval (How?)
Location (near community garden)

Bike Lanes

From Donna:
Here I go again!
I know I keep changing my final projec idea, but (as I have already e-mailed to Keiko) something came up with the
boxes, so I need to pick another final project. ...You see I went into
Joannes Fabrics (I was going to go to Michaels too, but I found everything
I needed in Joannes.) I found these perfect decorated boxes that I didn't
have to do anything to. They were half price and I couldn't pass them up. I
figured that would save me a lot of time (like we have been talking about)
so I got them and all I need to do is print names and decopage them on. I cannot justify
that as a final project, SO ...Since fabric was also half price I bought 12
yards of fabric to make slip covers and throw pillows for my living room
furniture; so I thought maybe that could be my final project and I would still be killing two birds with one stone. ...

From Penny:
Hey chums!
For my final project I would like to propose the getting up this photography show at the bank I mentioned it at Keiko's house when I got some suggestions on the framing question I was asking. After reading the guidelines Keiko put up I would like this to be my "project" for a few reasons. One, this will be the first time that I am publicly showing my work. Yes, I have a blog, but there isn't much risk in that, though it has satisfied many aspects of 'showing' for me and will continue to be a tool and venue. However, I would like to take on this show as a launching of something that will continue and deepen my identify as a visual artist and therefore I think it can and will meet the criterion for a final project. I guess what I am saying is that even though it was something I was already going to do, I would like to do it with an increased level of decision making and consciousness put to the task.
I was having lunch with a friend at Oriole 9 in Woodstock early this week, when she blurted out to the owner that I was a "phenomenal" photographer and she inquired how I might get a show there. I was immediately embarrassed but decided to occupy this perception rather than deny it. When asked what I take photographs of my reply of "nature" seemed "woo woo." Golly! how the judgments rage! As may be obvious, one of my objectives will be the challenging the inner dialogue toward worthiness.
How does this sound?